Our Story

With you by my side, I can appreciate the world.

If you are not only pursuing a luxurious appearance, but also committed to extraordinary inner quality, MON LUXE has both.

Louis Khan

MON LUXE - A boutique luggage brand, with its stylish, luxurious personalized design concept and traditional hand-craft experience, to provide customers with distinguished, artistic boutique enjoyment.

The brand name is derived from French: mon luxe. Designed for the fashionable VIP clients, the top notched fashion bags, the style is graceful, luxurious and high-end, and the pursuit of nobility and conservation of the inherent quality.

We pamper our customers and bring the best to the most beautiful and tasteful ones. Just like the royal aristocrats, they are uniquely tailored to create your own personality. Handcrafting is our tradition. MON LUXE is hand-assembled in France by experienced craftsmen. The craftsmanship of these craftsmen is also handed down from generation to generation, and the quality is perfect.

Compared with modern industrial production lines, each MON LUXE bag takes 1 to 2 months to complete and will never be mass-produced.

The luxury of the selection of materials, the use of pure gold metal fittings, the fine workmanship, is the best in the world, every detail strives for perfection.